Heiner Buttenberg foundation

The Heiner Buttenberg foundation’s purpose is to support poor and depressed children and youths in east European countries, in particular in Romania.

The foundation supports many projects financially, for example:

*Children’s cancer hospital in Timisoara – under the management of Prof. Serban
*Hospital of leukemia in Buzias – under the management of Prof. Serban
*Farm for youths “Pater Benno” in Bacova for unemployed youths from the streets
*Children’s home “Hänsel und Gretel” in Timisoara (home of Caritas) 20 children
*Children’s home “Kinderzukunft” in Timisoara (150 children)

At the moment parentless children between 8 and 20 years are supervised in terms of school and job and prepared for an independent life.

The work in our administration office is made by honorary employees. In the year 2000 the lifetime achievement of Heiner Buttenberg – the City Hotel Meckenheim – was added to the foundation’s property.

The foundation is generating lease incomes of the hotel every month however it is still dependent on additional donations.



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